SOLULYS® - Corn steep

A corn extract rich in proteins and nutritive elements.


Corn extract is a concentrated solution of maize solubles obtained during the first grain fractionation step, in a wet starch manufacture process.

Roquette guarantees a product with a defined consistant composition through a patented production.

Product description


  • Thick brownish-yellow liquid.
  • Product rich in proteins and growth factors.
  • Recognized as a consistent fermentation booster in a number of process.




  • Nitrogen source (rich in proteins)
  • Source of growth factors (minerals, vitamins, etc.)
  • Re-vegetation agent (NPK)



  • SOLULYS® 095E (corn steep powder - 95% dry matter)


  • SOLULYS® 048E (corn steep liquor - 48% dry matter)
  • SOLULYS® 048 PE (phytase-treated corn steep liquor)


  • Fermentation industries for culture media formulation
  • Fertilizer industries
  • Bio Agriculture
  • Crop protection (fertilizer, biostimulant)

Formulation assistance

  • Growth and cell viability of various micro-organisms on a Solulys enriched medium/yeast extract enriched medium.
  • Composition and consistency studies.

Current packaging for this family of products

  • Liquid bulk
  • IBC
  • 1-t big-bags (powder)
  • 25-kg bags (powder)
  • Steel drums

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