Maize starch

Board and paper | Improvement of paper strength

Maize starch is used as a slurry for spray applications and as a glue for film press applications. Maize starch improves paper strength properties.


Maize Starch is used to improve paper strength properties including surface strength and bulk strength properties.

It is commonly used for spray applications as a slurry and for size-press applications as an adhesive after thermochemical or enzymatic conversion.

Product Description

  • White powder
  • Moisture content < 13.0 %
  • pH depends on the grade


  • FDA and BfR approved

Registrations vary depending on local regulations.


  • Available in two grades: Maize Starch standard and Maize Starch 560P.
  • Maize Starch standard is mainly used for the spray and thermochemical conversion whereas Maize Starch 560P for the enzymatic conversion.


Paper and board surface sizing include size-press and film-press applications. Paper and board spray starches are used for binding two layers and reinforcing bulk strength properties.

Maize Starch improves surface strength and printability. The continuous enzymatic conversion process is the best process to prepare Maize Starch.


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