ENZYME 2000 - Alpha-amylase enzyme

Starch conversion
Enzymatic activity for film-press and size-press applications.


ENZYME 2000 is an alpha-amylase enzyme which converts starches before use in size-press and film-press applications.

Product Description

  • An alpha amylase enzyme delivered in liquid form.
  • Enzymatic activity: 2000 - 2800 UBR


  • Continuous and discontinuous enzymatic conversion of starches.

Sample Request

Early testing is important and we recognize the need for our customers to have representative material for initial lab trial. We can provide small non-commercial samples wherever you are in the world with both the corresponding certificate of analysis and conformity and the material safety data sheet.

To obtain access to this service, please contact us.


For more information about packaging, please contact us.

Documentation available upon request

  • Group quality policy
  • Group safety policy
  • Group environmental policy / S.M.E.
  • ISO certificate
  • GMO certificate
  • Specifications data sheet
  • Security data sheet

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