NUTRALYS® - Pea protein

Plant protein | Rich in essential amino acids

NUTRALYS® pea protein is a plant protein with high digestibility and nutritional quality.

NUTRALYS® pea protein range shows also a range of functional properties.


NUTRALYS® pea proteins are extracted by Roquette from the dry yellow pea.

The pea is subjected to a wet process treatment. This process ensures that pea isolates with more than 80% protein (on D.S.) are obtained with a high level of functionality.

NUTRALYS® pea proteins

The purity of the protein and the extent of the emulsifying and solubility capacities of the NUTRALYS® line make them suitable for use due to their functional properties (meats, fish) as well as nutritional properties (protein enrichment in all types of food).

Product description


  • Beige powder

2 lines of proteins are proposed:

  • The NUTRALYS® F pea protein line primarily suited for texture improvement: emulsions, viscosity.

  • The NUTRALYS® S pea protein line mostly used for protein enrichment, especially in products needing solubility.

In addition various particle sizes are available to satisfy requirements for many possible applications.

The products available for NUTRALYS® vegetable protein are therefore:

  • NUTRALYS® F 85 pea protein
    • F: Fine
    • M: Medium
  • NUTRALYS® S 85 pea protein
    • F: Fine
    • XF: Extra-fine


  • The use of NUTRALYS® F is first related to the quality and stability of the emulsions obtained. Their cold emulsifying power (1/5/5) is tested systematically.
  • The solubility of NUTRALYS® varies with pH. It is maximal at pH 8.


  • Codex standard for vegetable protein products
  • CODEX 174-1989

Registrations vary depending on local regulations.


  • Protein enrichment
  • Emulsifying power


  • Dietetic : sports nutrition, weight management and clinical nutrition
  • Dairy alternatives
  •  Meat, fish and analogous products
  • Sauces and prepared foods

Nutralys® S85Plus is the new soluble pea protein from Roquette to reach high protein load in foods & beverages, thanks to specific functional properties, low beany taste, light colour and fast-digesting profile.
Nutralys® S85Plus offers a low viscosity, high solubility and higher foaming properties than other pea proteins. Therefore, this grade is particularly adapted to applications that require those specific functionalities like encapsulation, spray-drying of seasoning, wine clarification, spreads, plant-based ice cream and jerky. Showing a good solubility at acid pH compare to other pea proteins, Nutralys® S85Plus is a good source of plant protein for protein fortification in fruits - Veg foods & beverages applications (fruit preparations, juices, smoothies and jellies).

Formulation assistance

Some examples of recipes developed by Roquette around this ingredient which have inspired fruitful developments on the market:

  • Snacks and cereal products
  • Low-fat and high-protein salty or sweet crispea snacks
  • Plant-based allergen-free, meal replacement bars
  • Lactose- and soy-free high-protein, sports mix
  • Balanced soups (according to WHO recommendations) for a complete meal
  • Egg-free mayonnaise
  • "Balanced" sandwich (energy amino acids fat)
  • Balanced protein delicatessen, meats promoting sustainable development


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