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Clean, safe and nutritious plant proteins - NUTRALYS®

NUTRALYS® is available in a wide range that makes it possible to maximize eating pleasure in a wide variety of applications (RTD, bars etc.).

The NUTRALYS® range of pea proteins provides ageing people with the perfect protein to maintain strength and protect an active lifestyle.

In fact, NUTRALYS® is the first pea protein tested in clinical trials and possesses clinically-proven benefits related to muscle mass development, satiety and caloric intake.

It is rich in BCAA & arginine and is ideal for balancing cereal proteins.

It provides high digestibility, possessing an intermediate- fast digestion profile.

It is clean and safe, produced from the yellow pea, and is a non-GMO crop. In fact, being a legume, the pea harvests its own atmospheric nitrogen, thus eliminating the need for nitrogen fertilizers. Roquette has developed a highly purified, water-based processed pea protein isolate which is allergen-, lactose- and gluten-free. In addition, it is very low in isoflavone and anti-nutritional factors.

NUTRALYS® is available in a wide range that makes it possible to maximize eating pleasure in a wide variety of applications (RTD, bars etc.).

Watch a video to discover how pea protein can help hospital patients recover faster!

A high quality source of energy - GLUCIDEX®

The GLUCIDEX® maltodextrins* range of carbs provides consumers with high quality energy to fuel their lives. GLUCIDEX® is made from non-GM corn, potato or wheat and is produced in top-class facilities. It’s recognized as safe. Lactose and gluten-free, GLUCIDEX® is highly purified in a production process. The product offers high digestibility and an excellent digestive tolerance.

It is 100% glucose-based energy, the most efficient energy substrate for body & brain. GLUCIDEX® also offers a full range of DE to fine-tune the fluidic profile and osmolality to maximize hydration. As a source of energy it is tasty to consume thanks to different particle sizes, quick dissolution, and low viscosity and reduced sweetness suited to the consumer’s taste buds.

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* Standard GLUCIDEX® maltodextrins are non intended and non-suitable for dry mix infant formulae preparation.

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