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Formulate new and original textures with our pre-cooked maize starches

Formulation for the food market is also a matter of textural innovation. Differentiate your snacks with pregelatinized starch PREGEFLO® coatings that add texture to your snacks!

Use our starch specialties to alter the texture and visual appeal of regular roasted or fried-nut snack coated nuts.  Adapt coatings to create a variety of textures from crunchy to crispy - and all gluten-free!

Access a whole range of texture opportunities. Offering different content levels of amylopectin and different particle sizes (cine or coarse), the PREGELO® range of pre-cooked maize starches allows different levels of expansion and textures, (such as double-coated nuts with cracked colour effects). Texture variations can be achieved with simple formulation changes, rather than production changes (for both oven and frying processes). The choice and ratio of waxy precooked starch is key.

More information about starches in food in Europe at www.starchinfood.eu.
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