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More fibre, more effectively

Today's sophisticated consumers seek optimum nutrition in their food – while preserving taste and convenience. An invisible, safe, stable, prebiotic, and soluble fibre, NUTRIOSE® meets this global demand.

Successfully reaching recommended fibre levels is a difficult challenge today. Just a handful of calculations are convincing evidence that even the most balanced diets are insufficient in fibre. Western diets are poor in fibre, and individual consumption has fallen to about 15g/day (the Recommended Daily Intake: 25-30g/day/person).

Creators of cereal products can enrich their recipes with fibre and display claims such as "source of fibre" or "high-fibre ". However, the term "fibre” is simply a generic term for various molecules.

NUTRIOSE®'s high soluble fibre content and outstanding digestive tolerance ensure that fibre enrichment can be to the optimum recommended levels required to obtain a beneficial effect on general well-being.

Suitable for use in virtually any type of baked goods’ process conditions, it can easily be incorporated in liquid, powder or solid formulations. Moreover its beneficial impact on glycemic response has been recently recognized by the EFSA.

The excellent processing stability of NUTRIOSE® lends itself to several cereal-based product applications: biscuits, pastries, bread, cereals snacks, etc.

Different concept variations and product formulations can target different markets.  

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