algility™ Chlorella - Microalgae

Chlorella benefits | Nutrient
Discover microalgae chlorella benefits: rich in vitamins, minerals, pigments & carotenoids and designed for balanced and health-giving meals.


algility™ Chlorella is a cocktail of nutrients, 100% from natural sources. algility™ Chlorella comes from a small algae, selected for its exceptional nutritional properties.

Rich in vitamins (B2), minerals (iron), pigments such as chlorophyll (a natural detoxifier) and carotenoids (antioxidants: beta-carotene and lutein), this small freshwater algae provides a concentrated dose of beneficial ingredients and a daily shot of well-being.

For balanced and health-giving meals.

Product description


  • Beverages: juices, smoothies
  • Savoury: soups, dressings
  • Healthy snacks


  • Herbal taste
  • Green colour

Reason to believe

  • Vitamins (vitamin B2)
  • Minerals (iron)
  • Pigments (chlorophyll, carotenoids antioxidant: lutein, beta-carotene)


  • Bag 25 kg 
  • Big bag 1000 kg

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