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NUTRIOSE® Nutritional benefits

Adding fiber, reducing sugar, or cutting calories has never been so easy! 

NUTRIOSE® is a soluble fiber obtained from non-GMO raw materials offering a high level of fiber, a neutral taste, and low sugar to sugar-free content.

Fiber enrichment

Our ancestors consumed a lot more fiber than we do today – but we consume too little. It’s a deficiency that’s easily corrected: consumers can just make NUTRIOSE® soluble fiber a regular part of their diet.  So when their fiber intake rises, so will their intestinal health.  It’s as simple as that – and it’s good for them. NUTRIOSE®'s high soluble fiber content and outstanding digestive tolerance ensure that fiber enrichment can reach to the optimum recommended levels required to obtain a beneficial effect on gut health and general well-being.

Sugar reduction

A taste for pleasure. Get the taste the customers want– with the result they love: great health! 

For those who prefer to avoid sugar, NUTRIOSE® won’t interfere with their taste buds. And if they like sugar, NUTRIOSE® has half the calories of sugar and no taste of its own. So adding it to your food won’t affect the sweet taste of sugar while reducing it.

NUTRIOSE® is an ingredient and excellent bulking agent, so it can be used as a sugar replacement on a 1-for-1 in most applications. Furthermore, NUTRIOSE® works well in combination with high intensity sweeteners such as sucralose, aspartame, and Reb A (STEVIA).  A combination of NUTRIOSE® with a high intensity sweetener can offer a combined solution of sweetness, nutrition, and health.

Fat reduction

Fiber – High. Calories – low.

Increase your customers' fiber intake without increasing their calories! Our studies show that partial fat reduction can be achieved in many bakery applications with NUTRIOSE® alone. Because NUTRIOSE® has less than 25% of the calories of fat per gram, partial fat reduction with NUTRIOSE® enables significant caloric reduction, leading to healthy products with both reduction (low fat, low calorie) and supplementation (fiber) claims.




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