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NUTRIOSE® Functional benefits

NUTRIOSE® is a soluble fiber obtained from non-GMO raw materials (wheat, corn or pea) offering a reliable high fiber level.

It has a neutral taste, is easy-to-use (water-soluble), and with low sugar to sugar-free options, this plant-based fiber is one of the best-tolerated fibers on the market. NUTRIOSE® has also a friendly labelling, is gluten-free, kosher and Halal-certified.

A neutral taste to preserve the original taste of finished products

Food is directly enjoyed through the senses; most importantly, through taste. For some, food taste is considered to be a natural guide towards proper nutrition. Since time began, humans have relied upon taste to discover foods in nature that are healthy. Furthermore, tasting food via the taste buds is the initial start to the entire digestive process.

NUTRIOSE® is neutral in taste to help preserve the original taste of finished products. Including NUTRIOSE® in recipes can give better body to a great number of foods including low calorie beverages and dairy products. The softness of bread and pastries is also improved.  Jellies and chewy candies also gain more body and chewiness while giving longer lasting taste to candy flavors.
But because a taste bite is worth a thousand words, our NUTRIOSE® specialists can provide sample packet sticks containing 5g of NUTRIOSE® to taste-test the product and formulate your own opinion.

Solutions for clean labeling

NUTRIOSE® contributes to one’s well-being – in every sense.

Produced from wheat and corn (maize) cultivated intelligently and without GMOs, NUTRIOSE® is based on a comprehensive respect for both the body and its environment.
NUTRIOSE® can be labelled as 'dextrin' and/or 'dietary fiber' or 'soluble dietary fiber', depending on the local regulations. If wheat-based, the botanical origin has to be declared.
As a dextrin and according to European Directive 95/2/EC, NUTRIOSE® is an ingredient.

Manufactured from conventional wheat and maize (corn), it can be identified as wheat, maize, or cereal origin and, under no circumstances, will it require a GMO mention. For further information on the latest regulatory position in various countries (authorization, conditions of use, labelling, energy value or nutrition claims), please contact us.

Regulatory aspects

NUTRIOSE® is the trade name for a range of food resistant dextrins and soluble indigestible fibers offering all-round advantages. NUTRIOSE®:

  • Is a specialty dextrin (Dextrins, INS 1400, current Food Chemical Codex, JECFA 1974).
  • Consists of soluble dietary fibers, as it complies with Codex definition of soluble dietary fibers (acknowledged as well in regulation (EU) No 1169/2011).
  • Is an ingredient (according to European Regulation (EU) no 1333/2008.

NUTRIOSE® is marketed and approved in many countries on all continents, (e.g.: GRAS status in the USA; dietary fiber status in Canada; soluble dietary fiber status in Italy - MOH, 2003; and in France -ANSES, ex-AFSSA, 2007).

Two new health claims for NUTRIOSE® have recently been acknowledged in the Official Journal of Implementing Regulation (EU) 2016/854. These confirm that NUTRIOSE® soluble fiber contributes to the maintenance of tooth mineralization by reducing tooth demineralization while also contributing to lower postprandial glycemic responses.




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