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We are trying to develop Oral Disintegrating Tablets: what expertise and excipients does Roquette offer?

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Roquette has long experience in the development of excipients suitable for ODT, of which some are the best suited to meet these technologically challenging formulations. 

For more information on the available products, please use our Products & Applications selection page.

If you have a particular formulation in mind, and would like our assistance, or need more information on ODT, please contact us or your local representative.

Other questions - Formulation related

Can LYCASIN® be used for diabetic formulations?

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What is the typical level of lubrication required for tableting with mannitol PEARLITOL® SD?

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What products does Roquette offer for liquid oral formulation (both those using sugar and those that are sugar-free)?

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I am working on formulating chewable tablets; which Roquette excipients are best for this application?

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Why is LYCASIN® recommended for pediatric formulations?

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