Do Roquette’s liquid sorbitols comply with the USP/NF monograph?

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Liquid sorbitol solutions contain not only sorbitol (D-glucitol) but other related hydrogenated oligomers and polymers of dextrose. All Roquette liquid sorbitols for pharmaceutical applications conform to either the USP or the NF monograph.
For historical reasons the USP monograph defines D-glucitol-rich solutions, commonly known as Crystallising Liquid Sorbitol, as containing a minimum of 64% of D-sorbitol w/w, whereas the NF monograph defines a lower-content D-glucitol syrup, known as Non-Crystallising Liquid Sorbitol, with a minimum content of 54% of D-sorbitol.

For more information on NEOSORB® Liquid sorbitol, please use our Products & Applications selection page.

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