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What makes us unique

Our values and our beliefs make Roquette distinct. From employees around the globe, you will gain their perspective and understand what makes Roquette unique. 

Our belief

Nature has the answer to provide people with the food, nutrition and health they need according to their lifestyles choices, their age, where they live and what they do. 

Our values


 Sharon - Singapore

"Excellence is a pursuit of achieving the highest level of result with passion, effort and resilience. It is a continuous renewal of commitment, motivated by the right values, priorities and motives."


 Didier - France

"Authenticity is about expressing ourselves without a fear of colleague teasing us, is about placing a human drop in our daily actions."


 Lucia - France

"Well-being at Roquette is having everything to give the best of ourselves! It's also knowing that my colleagues trust me and I can trust them!"


 Thiego - Brazil

“Roquette is a forward-looking company due to the strong commitment for improving itself. All together, Roquette employees have been contributing to a forward-looking world.”

We are leading together
  • As ONE Roquette, we work together around the world. We all work together as leaders with our direct colleagues, customers and global partners.
    Marc Peeters
    Marc Peeters
    Human Resources

The four core leadership competencies aim at ensuring a common set of behaviors for each and every one of Roquette's employees.


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