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A comprehensive protein solution!

Hydrolized wheat protein is especially renowned for its outstanding digestibility. It is free of anti-nutritional factors and low in ash and fibre. VWG is used in dry pet food for its safety in respect of mycotoxins and is considered as a premium protein source, fitting with and ideal for extrusion technology.  Hydrolized wheat protein® CWS (hydrolysed wheat gluten) is easy to use, making it a good choice when a high protein inclusion rate in dry pet food is desirable. 

Pea protein, more than purely functional!

LYSAMINE® GPS is a highly concentrated protein extracted from the yellow pea. More than being a very good protein source from a nutritional standpoint  (it is rich in essential amino acids such as arginine and lysine, and also low in ash and anti-nutritional factors), pea protein has many attractive features, such as being non-GMO, grain-free, hypoallergenic and sustainable. It is the perfect high-quality vegetable protein source for premium pet food. 

The ideal amino acid profile!

With its 78% protein content, TUBERMINE® GP is also low in ash, non-GMO, grain-free and hypoallergenic but what makes it especially remarkable as a protein source is its balanced amino acid profile, particularly well adapted to pets’ nutritional needs. Potato protein is, in particular, approved for use in organic diets.

Protein contents of our vegetable protein portfolio (N*6.25 %):

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