Compound feed

Suitable animal nourishment is an integral part of the food chain. Quality-ensured compound feed is today a major concern in the process to be sure of food safety along the entire livestock and aquaculture production and supply chain. Feedstuffs and ingredients (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antibiotics, and colourants) are blended in different proportions to yield the appropriate compound feed for the various animal species. Cereal is a major ingredient of compound feed. Roquette is a key commodity player in this field, offering ingredients rich in fibre as well as mid-proteins. Those solutions are offered in the form of pellets or in dried form (pellets or meal) or in liquid or moist form for direct use at farms.

“Good feed, good food”

The Roquette Group’s distinctive value in the compound feed field, is being a true partner for its customers in every animal-feed segment. Represented by its “Good feed, good food” motto, Roquette’s offer in compound feed thrives on three principles: closeness to clients, industrial animal nutrition developments worldwide, and ease of contact between company and client.

With more than 80 years’ experience, Roquette has truly mastered feed quality at the same time as paying close attention to food safety. Putting all this together over many decades, Roquette’s commitment ensures:

  • The reliability and competitiveness of its products
  • Optimized quality control
  • Guaranteed food safety
  • Responsibility towards customers
  • High quality services.

Implementing systematic quality control

Thanks to Roquette’s diverse world-class laboratories, extensive referral systems, its offers of unique research and discovery information, along with certificates and logos, clients can be confident of receiving everything they need to meet even their most challenging animal feed goals.

The production and commercialization processes of the co-products are fully integrated into Roquette Quality Policy system, which is based on ISO9001, 2000 certification.

Roquette has always worked according to its own solid guarantees of delivering high-level performance of all its products. This includes both quality and health security.

It was an objective formalized in 2002 with the implementation of HACCP studies. These contributed to achieving prestigious industry labels such as GMP, QS, FEMAS, EFISC as well as agreements from SNIA and SYNCOPAC.

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