LYSAMINE® GPS - Insoluble pea protein

Pea protein | Fish feeding and pet food
Protein supplement and protein replacement for fish feed & pet food (cat food, dog food).


A concentrated protein extracted from peas, LYSAMINE® GPS is a valued nutritional ingredient in many applications.

Its excellent digestibility along with its naturally low antitrypsin activity makes it a protein of choice in the nutrition of young animals particularly piglets.

A large number of studies have demonstrated the good palatability and excellent growth performance of a LYSAMINE® GP-based diet.

Thanks to its low nonstarchy polysaccharide content, LYSAMINE® GPS can also be used in the formulation of fish feeding and pet food. In these applications it can be used to complement or replace the usual proteins.

Product description


Protein fraction of peas obtained by a wet milling process.


The product is a fine whitish-cream coloured powder with a neutral odour.

Typical analytical values*

  • Moisture: 7%
  • Total protein: 80%
  • Ash: 3%
  • Total fat: 8%
  • Extractable fats: 4%
  • Cellulose: < 1%
  • Starch + sugars: < 2%
* These values are provided for information purposes and cannot be considered as contractual.


Piglet Feed

A rich and palatable protein LYSAMINE® GP offers the same piglet growth performance as reference proteins such as dairy proteins and fish meal.

The protein's digestibility and particularly that of lysine are greater than that of most commonly used proteins.

This point has been confirmed by two research programs conducted by independent institutes: INRA (National Institute for Agronomic Research) and Hohenheim Food.

Fish Feeding

LYSAMINE® GPS represents a good alternative to the use of fishmeal in fish feeding.

Highly digestible and low in complex sugars it can be added to formulations in very large amounts without compromising the animals' growth performance.


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