GERMEX® - Maize germ cake

Protein and energy sources | Ruminants | Poultry | Sow | Rich in fat
Protein and energy sources for ruminant feed (dairy cow feed, beef cattle feed), poultry feed and sow feed. Rich in fat.


Obtained after the extraction of maize oil the GERMEX® maize germ cake is a raw material rich in proteins and fats.

GERMEX® is a source of energy and by-pass proteins and is mainly used in formulas for:

  • Ruminant feed.
  • Beef cattle feed.
  • Dairy cow feed.

It is also of value in the formulation of feed for monogastrics especially pigs and poultry where it is of great value for its high sulphurous amino acids content and oil content.

From a technological point of view it is very valued in the manufacture of pellets thanks to its very low water content and its good liquid absorption capacity.

Product description


Cake remaining after oil extraction (expeller) from the dried maize germ.


GERMEX® is available in the form of light brown-coloured meal.

Typical average values* (of product as is)

  • Moisture: 3%
  • Total protein: 24%
  • Ash: 2%
  • Total fat: 11.5%
  • Extractable fat: 10.5%
  • Starch: 20%
  • Cellulose: 10%
  • NDF: 40%
  • ADF: 12%
  • ADL: 3%

* These values are provided for information purposes only and cannot be considered as contractual.


Ruminant Feed (dairy cows feed - cattle feed)

GERMEX® is a raw material of interest for ruminant feed.
Very palatable and high in energy it also contains proteins naturally protected from degradation in the rumen.
GERMEX® will be especially appreciated in the formulation of dairy cows feed for its contribution to the improvement of milk protein content.
Rich in fats, it also promotes a very good finish to beef cattle.
GERMEX® can be incorporated at a rate of 20 to 40 % in ruminant compound feed.

Poultry Feed

GERMEX® is greatly appreciated in formulas for layers and broilers for its high sulphurous amino acids and linoleic acid content.
Furthermore, since the GERMEX® process does not use any solvent it may be used for the manufacture of organic animal feed.
It can be incorporated at a concentration of 5 to 15% in poultry rations.

Sow Feed

GERMEX® may be used in sow feed. It is both a source of energy and fibre the latter being necessary for good intestinal transit regulation.
GERMEX® can be incorporated at rates up to 10 to 20% in sow feed.


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