Crude maize oil

Digestible source of energy | High unsaturated fatty acid profile

Concentrated and readily digestible source of energy, possessing a functionality and nutritional contribution particularly appreciated in pet food.


Crude corn oil is a germ expeller oil and, as such, contains significantly more essential elements than simple seed oil.

Obtained from the fractionation of conventional maize that Roquette sources from Europe, crude corn oil is extracted from the germ by pressing. Roquette produces a crude corn maize equiring further refining

While animal fat is comprised mainly of saturated fatty acids (40-60%), corn oil has a high unsaturated fatty acid profile.

It is a concentrated and readily digestible source of energy, possessing a functionality and nutritional contribution.

Product description


Crude corn oil comes from dried corn germ, separated during the wet milling of corn. It is expelled using pressure, without the use of solvents.


The crude oil is filtered, not refined, so keeps its original deep colour (red -brown).

Typical mean values* (on product as is):

  • Saturated fatty acids: 13%

  • Monounsaturated fatty acids including: 27%
    - Oleic acid: 26,5%

  • Polyunsaturated fatty acids including: 60%
    - Linoleic acid (&omega,-6): 59%
    - Alpha linolenic acid (&omega, -3): 1%

* These values are given for information purposes and cannot be considered as contractual.


Crude maize oil is mainly used in pet food and compound feed.


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