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COREX® 100 maize fibre (corn fiber) is rich in starch. Maize fibre for ruminant feed, pig feed and sow feed.

COREX® 100 is available in 3 grades: wet, meal, pellet.


COREX® M100 maize fiber (corn fiber) is rich in starch and easily digestible structural carbohydrates.

Appreciated for its palatability and caloric value it is best suited for use in:

  • ruminant feed
  • sow feed
  • fattening pig diet

Product description


COREX® 100 maize fibre (corn fiber) comes from the wet milling process of maize starch production. This cellulosic fraction of the maize grain remains after the germ, starch and protein separation occurs. COREX® 100 has a high content of cell wall carbohydrates, that are readily fermentable.


COREX® 100 corn fiber is available as light-coloured pellets or meal form.

Typical average values* (of product as is):

  • Moisture: 12.5% 
  • Total protein: 10%
  • Ash: 0.9%
  • Total fat: 4.5%
  • Starch: 20-25%
  • Cellulose: 12%
  • NDF: 50%
  • ADF: 45%
  • ADL: 12%
* These values are provided for information purposes only and cannot be considered as contractual.


Pig feed

  • COREX® 100 corn fiber is greatly appreciated in pig diets for its caloric value (rich in starch and highly digestible fibre fraction) and its low ash content.
  • Recommended incorporation levels:
    5 to 15% in fattening pig rations

    10 to 20 % in sow rations

An energy source in ruminant feed

  • In ruminant diets, COREX® 100 is a highly palatable raw material allowing incorporation in feed at levels upwards of 50%.
  • It is a favoured energy source that equates with sugar beet pulp and wheat bran.
  • It is the ideal complement to grazed grass maize silage or hay and promotes a good liquid absorption.


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