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Sourcing sustainably | Commitment #2

Improve continuously our raw materials’ quality by clearly specifying our needs, strictly selecting our suppliers and reinforcing quality control chain from fields to biorefineries.
More sustainable and certified wheat in Lithuania

Today, we want healthy, more sustainable food. As a consumer, but also as an employee, we understand the importance of eating better and consuming local products.

This is why, at our Panevežys site in Lithuania, we purchased 50,000 tons of certified sustainable wheat from local farmers in 2019. For better quality wheat and better product traceability, we collaborate directly with local farmers. 

The International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) commits us to continue our efforts and ensures the quality of our products, from the field to their consumption.

We have established a relationship of proximity and trust with farmers around common commitments: quality, traceability, control and preservation of the environment. We will strengthen this commitment in 2020, with the aim of doubling our purchase of sustainable wheat in Lithuania.

The Best of Nature for Your Well-Being
2019 Activity and Sustainability Development Report

  • Innovating sustainably

    Innovating sustainably

    Understand customers’ needs and anticipate consumers’ expectations

    Develop a sustainable development journey inspired by our customers’ expectations

    Strengthen sustainability in our innovation processes
  • Sourcing sustainably

    Sourcing sustainably

    Source sustainably

    Improve continuously our raw materials’ quality

    Strengthen relationship with our raw materials suppliers
  • Biorefining sustainably

    Biorefining sustainably

    Optimize our energy consumption

    Preserve water

    Further reduce other environmental impacts
  • Acting sustainably

    Acting sustainably

    Put Health, Safety and Well-being at the heart of our concerns

    Empower employees

    Build on our diversity

    Develop our activities with the local communities