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Sourcing sustainably

We fully optimize all of our raw materials.  They are derived from agriculture and as such annually renewable.

In 2025 we are committed to ensuring that 20% of our suppliers be certified or rated as “sustainable and responsible”. At Roquette, we are committed on a daily basis to promoting 
 the resources of today while preserving those of tomorrow, in order to perpetuate our plant-based raw materials. This is why we are taking concrete actions to provide our stakeholders a responsible sourcing pillar of our Sustainable Development approach.

Our commitments for Sourcing sustainably
  • Commitment #1

    Source sustainably by encouraging local supply and optimizing means of transportation to combine economic profitability and low environmental footprint.
  • Commitment #2

    Improve continuously our raw materials’ quality by clearly specifying our needs, strictly selecting our suppliers and reinforcing quality control chain from fields to biorefineries.
  • Commitment #3

    Strengthen relationship with our raw material suppliers by building partnerships with breeders and farmers to select and use most suitable agricultural resources.