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Biorefining sustainably

Our industrial performance is at the heart of our concerns. 

In 2025 we are committed to ensuring that, compared to 2015, our energy efficiency improves by 10% and our water consumption  per product ton reduces by 20%. At the same time, we are committed  to implementing technical installations that produce less CO2 thereby preventing 1 million tons of CO2 emissions by 2025. In face of today’s environmental challenges, Roquette is acting by developing specific measures to reduce our impacts. This is why we are working to optimize our energy consumption, improving our energy efficiency on a daily basis and increasing the use of renewable resources.

Our environmental policy

Our commitments for Biorefining sustainably
  • Commitment #1

    Optimize our energy consumption by installing energy-efficient solutions and using relevant renewable energies.
  • Commitment #2

    Preserve water by optimizing our processes to minimize consumption and by installing efficient treatment technologies.
  • Commitment #3

    Further reduce other environmental impacts by implementing the most relevant solutions based on local specificities.