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Acting sustainably | Commitment #3

Build on our diversity by valuing our differences and promoting  the sharing of best practices in a multicultural network.

[email protected] network, for women, by everyone

[email protected] is a voluntary network open to all employees, not just women, to ensure that we have gender diversity in the company at all organizational levels.

The network encourages everyone to flourish and reveal their full potential, and it is valuable in boosting the company’s performance and making us stronger as a team. 

Another mission of [email protected] is to help women grow in their careers, enhance and share their skills, and give them opportunities to build relationships and network effectively.

Many employees at our various sites have participated in diversity discussions and volunteer activities sponsored by [email protected] that help keep the conversation going.

The Best of Nature for Your Well-Being
2019 Activity and Sustainability Development Report

  • Innovating sustainably

    Innovating sustainably

    Understand customers’ needs and anticipate consumers’ expectations

    Develop a sustainable development journey inspired by our customers’ expectations

    Strengthen sustainability in our innovation processes
  • Sourcing sustainably

    Sourcing sustainably

    Source sustainably

    Improve continuously our raw materials’ quality

    Strengthen relationship with our raw materials suppliers
  • Biorefining sustainably

    Biorefining sustainably

    Optimize our energy consumption

    Preserve water

    Further reduce other environmental impacts
  • Acting sustainably

    Acting sustainably

    Put Health, Safety and Well-being at the heart of our concerns

    Empower employees

    Build on our diversity

    Develop our activities with the local communities