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Acting sustainably

Safety is one of our priorities. 

In 2025, we are committed to achieving a Frequency Rate 1 (FR1)* of 0.5 and a Frequency Rate 2 (FR2)** of 1.5. Every year, we implement our commitment to local populations and communities by supporting a minimum of 20 projects or activities. At Roquette, we believe that nature has the answer to the different needs of women and men in terms of food, nutrition and health.

To imagine and offer the best ingredients for our customers, we base our culture and our actions on four fundamental values: authenticity, excellence, forward-looking and well-being.

In a global environment that is increasingly uncertain and complex, Roquette’s priority is to uphold our highest standards in all our locations. That is why the deployment in 2019 of our Code of Conduct strengthens and develops the principles related to our values. It is the compass of our daily activities that contributes to the ethical and sustainable growth of our company. 


*Number of accidents with work stoppage per million hours worked
**Number of accidents notified per million hours worked.

  • Commitment #1

    Put health, safety and well-being at the heart of our concerns by continuing the implementation of world-class HSE (Health, Safety, and Environment) management systems and developing a culture in which people safety is a core value.
  • Commitment #2

    Empower employees by promoting dialogue, fostering engagement and developing skills.
  • Commitment #3

    Build on our diversity by valuing our differences and promoting the sharing of best practices in a multicultural network.
  • Commitment #4

    Develop our activities with local communities by partnering with our local communities and contributing to their development through sustainable relationships.