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Roquette’s GDL (Glucono Delta Lactone)
Roquette, a major player on the global GDL market, commercializes this product as a highly pure white crystalline powder.
Food Application note

Sugar-free chocolate = pleasure: the impossible bet?
Give consumers the chance to choose their favourite chocolate with sugars - or without. Guarantee eating pleasure whatever their choice. Yes, it's possible! Find out about an innovative solution...
Paper Corrugating and Adhesives Starch and corrugated board
The effective and flexible choice
Food White paper

Satiety-enhancing fibre: are fermentations a key?
Some fibres may potentially play a role in food intake management
Food White paper

Beyond the prebiotic concept: the health benefits of a soluble fibre
NUTRIOSE®, a resistant dextrin in the form of a soluble dietary fibre, has been shown to have beneficial prebiotic effects on health...
Paper Corrugating and Adhesives White Paper "Papermaking and Starch, the changes"
Wet-end alternatives to cationic potato starch