Strategy & Values

Accurate Marketing merged with Permanent Research

Always better and going further

Roquette is presently the world leader in polyols, while figuring as one of the chief producers of starch products.

Reliability, expertise, innovation, anticipation of technical and marketing needs, a quality service and competitive rates are Roquette's fundamental market plan.

As totally independent family business, Roquette can concentrate on its one and only job: starch and its by-products, developing a marketing plan strictly geared towards its clients’ needs and expectations.

To that purpose, the enterprise does everything to organize:

  • Its competences in defining, refining and examining the best possible solutions for clients; 
  • Its Innovation Service for efficient research;
  • Its high-level operational technical teams throughout the world;
  • Its industrial power thanks to important annual investment programs. 

Responding to clients demands

Right now, consumers are vigorously pushing their health concerns on nutrition and the environment. This insistence is most certainly spread by public organizations and regulations that always raise security and quality standards higher.

Responding to those demands allows the Roquette group to make the production chains, in which these products are involved, even more reliable.

Convinced that the success of its clients guarantees Roquette ’s continued growth, all teams endeavor, with passion and every bit of their know-how, to contribute, day after day, to this achievement by means of their efficiency.

Participating in global issues

Having reached a high level of excellence and creativity as a logical consequence of sustained efforts since its formation, Roquette cannot remain outside great global concerns. To this end, Roquette places its know-how and developmental power at the disposition of human and industrial society in order to tackle the major causes of the 21st century: 

  • human race and its environment,
  • nutritional health,
  • and the depletion of oil resources.

Right now, Roquette focuses its development efforts on two strategic foundations that are health through nutrition and green chemistry to replace petrochemistry.