Safety policy

A safety policy active at all sites

The implementation of a Safety Policy designed to protect people and installations is one of the Roquette Group’s fundamental objectives.

Safety at Roquette group

Safety is a key factor in our performance. As the basis of our know-how, it contributes to the efficient running of our business and, consequently, to our company’s long-term success.

The safety policy is organized around three major axes:


Safety is methodically built-in upstream of any operation and at the design stage of all facilities.


The prevention measures enable the great majority of the possible causes of incidents, accidents and occupational diseases to be eliminated. Emergency plans and procedures must be operational in order to deal with any accidents that occur.:



  • We believe that safety training is essential at every level within the company. 
  • Each employee should be made aware of safety regulations and must put them into practice to protect their own health and physical safety.   
  • Management is responsible for the effective implementation of safety regulations and for coordinating safety strategies within each sector and must also set a perfect example at all times - a key factor for enhancing individual performance. 
  • We must analyze every serious or potentially serious incident, as well as every reported accident, and take all necessary steps to prevent their recurrence.

Each of us, whether management, employees or social partners, can contribute to the pride we take in our safety record by implementing the actions for which we are responsible. They must play their part on a daily basis, not only in their own interest, but in that of their work colleagues as well.

That’s why results are communicated within the utmost transparency according to established procedures. Along with the main action plans, they will form the basis of discussions between managers and their employees, as well as social partners, in proceedings concerning health, safety and working conditions.