Safety policy

Health and safety are two top priorities for the Roquette Group. The objectives are clear: Zero accidents at work, Zero work-related illness!

Safety at Roquette group

Shared by the whole work force, the key points of the safety culture reside in the respect of safety rules, the relaying of anomalies and their correction, and constant vigilance and rigor.

For this, general principles and Golden Rules have been defined and applied at all of the Group’s sites.

Nine general safety principles

The nine general safety principles are the platform for the safety culture of the company.

They define the general framework and provide the basic foundations for this culture. They are disseminated throughout the entire Group and are used to develop action plans

9 safety principles (pdf file)

Nine Golden Rules

These nine Golden Rules are the fundamental rules established to protect and preserve all individuals at the company. They are known, understood and applied by all, without exception. These Golden Rules reinforce prevention by inciting each and everyone to intervene the moment any anomaly is observed.

Safety is therefore systematically integrated into the design and operation of all installations.

9 golden rules (pdf file)

Safety at Roquette, starch producer

A key performance factor for the Roquette Group, safety contributes to the efficiency of its activity and its sustainability.