Security policy

Security policy: a key issue

The ever-increasing fierce competition, the opening up of markets and the geopolitical instability make security a key issue in the years to come.

Due to its activities and its expertise, the protection of know-how is capital for the Roquette Group. The human skills, the research, the production tools and the information system constitute essential elements of the Roquette Group’s competitively and must be protected.

The security policy of the Roquette Group is based on the fundamental principles of protecting people, property and information from any malicious acts or human errors likely to prejudice integrity, availability or confidentiality. Action plans designed to reduce the risks linked to the protection of our know-how must be implemented and piloted by the function of management and/or the local managements.

The implementation of the provisions of this security policy, which demands the involvement and the participation of every member of the Roquette Group’s staff, will contribute to the increasing of our efficiency in terms of security and enable us to take up the new challenges of the 21st century.