Security policy

Security: a priority and a duty of excellence

Security roquette group

The corporate culture is moving towards greater openness:

  • communicate in order to be known and recognised,
  • cooperate with many diverse partners in order to innovate and develop,
  • build or acquire new factories and sales offices in particular in emerging countries,
  • open up to new business lines and new services and products,
  • register patents in new countries, etc.

These dynamics oblige us to share the information more and more, extend our communications networks and use new collaborative technologies.

Thus new risks appear and just as many new vulnerabilities that we need to control through specific and properly adapted protective measures.

Roquette’s value is based on its assets (its staff, its strategy, its « know-how », its image, its infrastructures and its products). The protection of these assets is a vital issue and a necessary pre-condition for the attainment of our objectives.

The ability to conduct our business in a safe, efficient and innovative way, secure from any malicious intent or negligence, contributes to ensuring our development while maintaining the trust of our stakeholders.