Our Research

Roquette’s Research & Development accompanies a strategy of sustainable innovation to design and develop products, solutions and technologies that are based on plant-based resources and that reconcile environmental, economic and societal objectives.

The Roquette Group has adopted an approach of permanent innovation to create new products and solutions that are ever more adapted to the needs of consumers. The Group devotes the human and technological means to achieve its ambition to become the most innovative company in its sector.

Since 1951, when it created its first Research and Development center, Roquette has launched many bold innovations, in products and solutions as well as technologies.

Since 2006, the Group has been engaged in an approach of open innovation to accelerate the development and marketing of new products and solutions. Roquette has entered into partnerships with many industrial and scientific partners in the public and private sectors from numerous countries in order to share skill and expertise as well as knowledge of markets.

In developing its industrial biorefinery model, Roquette’s Research & Development has extended the Group’s range of traditional agricultural raw materials to include two promising new channels: peas and microalgae.

R & D Roquette Key figures

Scientific and Technological Research: recognized expertise

Benefiting from state-of-the-art technologies and equipment, multi-disciplinary teams design, test and develop innovative solutions, products and processes:

  • People: experts from multiple scientific disciplines.
  • Technologies: laboratories, pilots and pre-industrial units.
  • Partners.

Application research: a customer-oriented approach

Thanks to its global network of Application Development Centers, Roquette makes every effort to satisfy its customers:

  • An in-depth knowledge of products usedin its customers’ applications.
  • A global range of solutions to meet customer needs (products, formulation, technology,training, service).
  • An approach providing innovative solutions to markets.