Environmental control

Roquette : the environmental all-rounders

The Roquette Group, through the use of natural and renewable raw materials, maintains a direct and very close link with its environment.

Roquette et l'environnement

The design and the implementation of the manufacturing processes are deliberately focused on the production of products enabling the beneficiation of all the constituents of the raw materials and generating the minimum amount of waste.

Similarly, the efforts are concentrated on the optimisation of consumption (water, energy) in
order to produce more without using additional resources.

For many years now the Group has set in place an environment management system based on the ISO 14001 standard and a high level of involvement of all its staff.

On all its sites the Roquette Group undertakes to respect each of the components of the environment which are the water, the air, the climate, the noise and the waste.



Our actions to preserve environment

Roquette's sustainability commitment on raw materials (pdf file)