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Corporate Control over the environment
Corporate 2013 Sustainable Development and Activity report

(The PDF file is accessible to physically and visually impaired persons)

Corporate Roquette Group Communication Kit
Pharma and Personnal Care Formulating with Roquette Pharma Solutions, Excipients & Active Ingredients / Product guide – 28 pages

For each pharma applications, the guide allows you to choose different products by functionality, and by conformity to the main pharmacopeias.


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Pharma and Personnal Care KLEPTOSE® CRYSMEB exp – Methyl Beta-cyclodextrin from Roquette - 14 pages

CRYSMEB is a unique low methylated derivative of betacyclodextrin. The degree of methylation is controlled in such a manner that the derivative has an advantageous profile of solubilising power and biological tolerance.

CRYSMEB could be an alternative solution for cyclodextrin-drug formulations.

Pharma and Personnal Care LYCASIN® 80/55 sugarless excipient for medicinal preparations – 22 pages

A technical brochure incorporating a general introduction to this type of excipient, with detailed information on the physical, chemical and microbiological characteristics of LYCASIN® 80/55. Its biological properties and examples of pharmaceutical applications are also included.


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Pharma and Personnal Care LYCATAB® DSH excipient for wet granulation – 12 pages
A technical brochure describing the physical and chemical properties of LYCATAB® DSH and the latter’s appearance and typical values.  Information on solubility, viscosity and hygroscopicity, together with applications and uses  is also provided. 


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