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Digest Science, digestive tract diseases and nutrition research foundation

Roquette founding member of a state-approved research foundation: Digest Science

For many years, Roquette has invested in food and pharmaceutical research, notably in digestive wellness, alimentary fibers, prebiotic effects and colon inflammation.

Roquette founding member of Digest science

After having sponsored programs such as EPODE for children’s nutrition, collaborated with AFDIAG (a French association of people intolerant to gluten) while working towards awareness for the environment, balanced food and preventive nutrition, Roquette committed itself to being a founding member of DigestScience.
A recognized state-approved research foundation, DigestScience is the logical outcome of supporting research in an area where the number of new chronic inflammatory intestinal diseases (MICI) grows each year (an increase of 28% in 20 years).
14 research and care units

DigestScience aims to “keep at the heart of its actions developmental innovation that best serve the patient, maintaining as its goal the improvement of their care and quality of life”. The works undertaken for quite a few years by doctors and researchers of the Nord-Pas de Calais region on the MCMI theme have resulted in the creation of a Thematic Research and Care Center (CTRS), including 14 research and care units which execute a high-level of applied research, structured within a unity of place, moving from laboratory to patient bed.
The CTRS and the Intestinfo Association are teams that belong entirely to DigestScience: the foundation’s aim is mainly to mobilize financing to help big research programs regroup skills on the subjects of the digestive system and nutrition diseases.
Among those diseases are current forms of chronic digestive discomfort such as “Irritable Bowel Syndrome”, as well as Celiac Disease, and the more serious forms of MICI: Crohn disease and ulcerative colitis.

The first French state–approved research foundation on digestive and nutrition diseases

Beyond such support coming from the industry sector as Roquette and Lesaffre (co-founder with Roquette ), or the research Ministry, or INSERM, or Lille CHRU, or Lille University II, the foundation receives help from patients’ associations such as the François Aupetit Association (AFA) or other associations such as the AFDIAG.

With this foundation, Roquette pledges to work side by side with prominent researchers: professors Desreumaux, Cortot, and Colombel, for a center of excellence serving the cause of general interest. This undertaking intends to provide ways for supporting medical research that focuses on health issues affecting a great percentage of the population.
This process, with an international influence, is unique: the DigestScience foundation is the first French state–approved research foundation on digestive and nutrition diseases.


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