Our commitment

Research, a fundamental priority

Roquette has been exploring previously uncharted waters – developing new products and applications, and addressing budding market needs – since its inception.

It has the human and technological resources it needs to aim high – and to rank among this industry’s most innovative firms, with two priority develoment goals: nutrition-health and plant chemistry.

The innovation instinct

Innovation and research are intertwined with this company's DNA. Roquette started innovating in 1946, when it built Lestrem’s first corn starch mill to sharpen its competitive edge. Doing so enabled it to sell the broadest range of potato and corn-based starch products in France.

It built its first research lab in 1951, and added a pilot workshop shortly thereafter. New products – dextrose and sorbitol, in particular – followed...

Developing products with and for its clients 

Biotechnology and formulation chemistry are the keystones of Roquette’s business as a whole and the vital key to our customers’ product success.

Their effectiveness is based on a comprehensive understanding of the client’s requirements, obtained through a sustained, closely interdependent working relationship. This is backed by a large-scale deployment of the latest research techniques and expertise, reinforced by maintaining continuous contact with our in-house market specialists and production experts.

All this helps ensure that our customers keep ahead of product trends and in touch with the latest manufacturing priorities.

Our 300 people dedicated to research sign more than 100 research-partnership agreements a year, have developed a portfolio close to 5,000 patents and have built close cooperation ties with universities and laboratories around the world.

Innovation that lasts

Today Roquette moves to innovate and diversity by identifying two new strategic development goals: nutrition-health and plant chemistry. Its sustainable-innovation strategy involves engineering and developing from materials based on renewable agricultural resources, ingredients, products and applications that concurrently address ecological, economic and social challenges.